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How to sell:

Mini Store:
  1. You must first Register
  2. Once you have registered you must set up your store options.
    • Set up colors
    • Add a logo
    • Determine payment and shipping options
    • Create your own categories.
    • Add the items you have for sale.
  3. Let people know about your website
  4. Update your store with new items.
How it works

Simply type in the requested setup information and it is saved on our secure servers. When your customer goes to your site your customized information along with the appropriate product information is displayed for them.

  • Customizable Colors
  • Full version allows you to use the shopping cart on external websites also!
  • Seperate Product Pages so your visitors can view large images and more information on your product.
  • Allows optional showing of quantity of items in stock
  • Alters quantity of items in stock
  • Optional Hide feature to hide an item when it is out of stock
  • We use the secure icCart to allow your customers to securely place their orders.
    Click here for information on the icCart. (a new window will open)
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